Hello my name is Jedidiah. I’m a creative developer based in Glasgow, Scotland. I enjoy building software for mobile, desktop and web; I’ve been lucky enough to have been doing it professionally for over 15 years. With a background originally in graphic design and animation nowadays I'm firmly in the developer camp but I still love working at the intersection where design and engineering come together. As a generalist I go where I’m needed and can make the most impact. I’ve been working remotely for the majority of my career and flourish both in a self directed environment or working to a tight brief.

If you would like a more detailed CV please get in-touch and introduce yourself.
  1. URSALUNA Studio

    Technical Director & Software Developer


    URSALUNA Studio is a small creative studio I run with Nicolette Macleod. As well as our own creative projects; We take on contracts for React Native, web development, multimedia, workshops and composition.

  2. EnjoyHQ (formerly NomNom Insights)

    Senior Frontend Developer


    I led the frontend team in modernising the initial pre-launch MVP app writen in Backbone.js and migrated it to React/Redux and through to release 🚀. I had fun writing a bespoke charting library in React as there weren't a lot of options at the time.

  3. Arnold Clark

    Web Developer


    I worked on Digital Product Development at Arnold Clark in a newly formed team of three focused on Data visualisation and BI as a developer along with a designer and a database administrator. We built a dashboard for the company directors to monitor KPIs. Before joining this new team I worked as the front-end developer on a new Rails / .Net MVC project in a team of six. It is an agile team and I was really impressed with their pragmatic approach to agile, managing a rapidly growing team and dealing with legacy projects in an efficient and sane manner.

  4. mySociety

    Designer & Frontend Developer


    mySociety is a charity that builds websites and tools like FixMyStreet and TheyWorkForYou that allow ordinary people to hold those in power to account, it also takes on contract development work to fund the charitable side and stay self sufficient. It is a remote team of super talented developers that I learnt a huge amount from, I worked as a front-end developer and designer on commercial projects such as FixMyStreet Zürich and Mapumental as well as several FixMyStreet custom themes to match local council branding.

  5. Broadbent Studio



    I worked as a 3D and graphic designer at Broadbent Studio, a small studio of artists, designers and makers. Being a small team that takes on lots of large projects the work at Broadbent was incredibly varied with everyone being involved in most aspects of each job. During the 10 years I was there I worked on design for tenders, 3D models, drawings for manufacture, web design/development, right through to drilling holes in the street and installing artwork.