A mixed collection of thoughts, articles, tutorials, news and links; Posted sporadically since 2004. I'm trying to fill in some of the backlog from backups and the Internet Archive but some of the pre-2010 posts may have broken links or images. If you still rock a RSS reader there's a feed too.

Wolfram Code Second Order Elementary Cellular Automaton

Second-order 1D cellular automaton based on Wolfram's rules

Wolfram Code Elementary Cellular Automaton

Today for my code hour I stuck to the theme and explored pattern generation using 1D cellular automaton based on Wolfram's rules.

Game Of Life

For my first daily code hour I've made an implementation of Conway's Game Of Life, a cellular automaton made by mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970.

Daily Code Hour

Public accountability to build something fun with code every day

Hello World

In which the author welcomes the reader to their new journal with the enthusiasm and optimism only a brand new blog can instill.

Jane Goodall Institute Hackathon

I took part in the Jane Goodall Institute's Code for Good Hackathon which despite missing two weeks due to covid, made something great and enjoyed getting a chance to use RedwoodJS

Meshroom is awesome!

I've been playing around with photogrammetry using Meshroom and Blender and getting some interesting results

Second Prismic Slice Contest

My entry into the second Prismic slice contest

Prismic Slice Contest

My entry into the Prismic slice contest

Trailer for the SeaGazing Podcast

Listen to the trailer for our new podcast about marine conservation and coastal community in Scotland

Love and Gold

Nicolette has released her first album, give it a listen on Bandcamp.

Dwindle: a Tapir's Tale

My good friend Dave Whiteland has released a wonderful and tragic online story that you should go and read

NomNom Insights has launched!

We've been hard at work for months getting ready for this and now it's open for everyone!

Two Birds - Myfanwy Tristram & Zara Slattery

Myf's latest book is out and it's beautiful.

Dustin Curtis - Yours vs. Mine

A link to an article from Dustin Curtis about how to refer to a users items

Basic Shapes

I made a set of 39 custom shapes you can use in Photoshop


News, links and a thank you to W3C Sites and .NET magazine for featuring my site

Paper Scissors Stone

I made a few little games in JavaScript

Broadbent Awards Site Launched

I designed and built the site for Broadbent Awards


A little set of PHP functions for playing with text that I released. Looking back I think this might be the first bit of opensource code I wrote.

Welcome Chickens

Say hello to our six new chickens! (Note from 2023: I think the chicken cam needs to come back!)

WebKit CSS

An experiment with CSS shadows using the nightly Webkit build

Morning Frost

A couple of photos I took on a cold morning.

Thank You Apple

I installed the 10.5.2 update this morning and hurrah you can now browse folders in list view from the dock again.

Bad form Yazsoft!

I'm moaning again, this time about software auto-updating to a paid update. Not sure why I was so grumpy back then.

Refreshed Broadbent Site

I’ve refreshed the style of the Broadbent Studio site and it’s now online.


Wishing you a happy new year 2018! Some news and links.

Social Network Requiem

Some bad poetry I wrote in 2008 about social media. Some things change; Some things stay the same. I no longer have a landline.

3D Folder icons 1.0

A set of custom folder icons for use in the Finder that were featured by Apple on their old downloads site.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy new year 2008! Some news and links.

CMS Icons Preview

A preview of a set of icons I'm working on for use in content management systems

3D Folder Icons Preview

Preview of a set of custom folder icons that I'm working on.

There’s a reason it’s called “Design Premium”

A grumpy rant about the cost of upgrading Adobe software in the UK compared to the US. What a sweet summer child I was, unaware of the subscriptions soon to be unleashed.

New Icon Set Preview

Preview of a set of custom folder icons that I'm working on.

Valid xHTML/CSS buttons

A prettier alternative to the valid xHTML and CSS buttons from W3C

Back from China

Have added some photos from visit to China to my Flickr

Buzz Out Forte Photoshop Contest

It's that time of year again! Buzz out Loud Photoshop contest 2007

Buzz Out Loud Photoshop Contest

My entries into the Buzz out Loud Photoshop contest

GDC 2005 San Francisco

Some photos from San Francisco

Renewal Arts Photography Workshop

Some of the photos I took at a photography workshop in Switzerland