It’s been a busy few months, I’ve been doing a lot more work with Guy and Kaleidoscope πŸ”— and a bit of consultancy work, which made a nice change.

I need to say a thank you to W3C sites and .net magazine for sending a lot of traffic my way. W3C Sites gave my site an Editors Pick πŸ”— and .net included my site in the showcase gallery of issue 177.

I’m heading to Switzerland next week for the Renewal Arts forum, so expect lots of pictures of mountains and lakes to start appearing, I’ll try to keep them to a minimum here, but I make no promises about my Flickr page πŸ”—.

⚠️ This entry is copied over from a much older version of my site and will probably contain broken images or links. I'm working on hunting down the missing resources, but for now some things might be missing.