I managed to get an entry in to the Prismic Slice Contest right before the deadline. It’s the first time I’ve had a play with Prismic and their new tool Slice Machine and I’m really impressed, they’ve managed to nail the developer experience and the content editor experience.

The integration with Storybook is lovely and the decoupling of the slices, content and pages is really powerful. I can see how it would give so much flexibility to content editors to be able to build the pages they want to by remixing their library of pre-made slices without having to pester a dev to build them a new template or layout. Similarly from the dev side you are free to build slices detached from the rest of the site and can easily build and test them using storybook.

The freedom from a finite set of rigid templates that most CMS give you is really refreshing.

UPDATE: The winners have been announced 🔗 and me and Samuel Horn won! Thank you Prismic!