Hello world! Welcome to my new journal.

It’s been a while since I was regularly blogging, but as the world is swinging back from giant social media platforms to smaller more human centric platforms now seems like a good time to dust off the old journal and start writing again.

I’ve managed to restore some of my old entries and have more to go through and convert. I’m still hunting for some of the linked images and resources so some things might be missing right now. It’s been really moving and entertaining going back through old hard-drives and backups, it’s incredible how much I’ve forgotten. It’s a great reminder to be a lot more mindful with backups, and to make the time to go through old work.

This site is going to be a bit of a playground for me, and now it’s online I’ll be making incremental changes over time. If you come across any issues, or anything you think could work better please do let me know.